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Sheppard Engineering has extensive experience in chemical and petrochemical, pulp and paper, power generation, food and beverage, and water and waste water treatment industries. In addition to the above industries, we provide clients with innovative, comprehensive solutions to their engineering problems in pharmaceuticals, environmental and manufacturing. Regardless of their sizes and budgets, we provide our clients with innovative, comprehensive solutions to their engineering problems.

Chemical & Petrochemical

Sheppard Engineering's background in the operations and maintenance of chemical and petrochemical plants gives us insight into the unique challenges of operating, improving, increasing production for, and maintaining chemical manufacturing facilities.

We have vast experience across chemical industries and processes, such as distillation, liquid/liquid extraction, esterification, sulfonation, and solids handling, among others. In addition, we provide engineering and construction support to our clients for major chemical plant upgrades to increase production and add new processes.

Pulp & Paper

Sheppard Engineering has deep expertise in the pulp and paper manufacturing industries. Several of our team members have years of experience working on capital improvements and maintenance projects in paper mills and product manufacturing facilities.

Power Generation

Sheppard Engineering serves the power industry, as well as power generation needs for industrial manufacturing facilities. Our experience ranges from providing engineering services for Greenfield biomass plants to troubleshooting coal-fired boiler rebuilds.

Food & Beverage

Sheppard Engineering's capabilities are suited to support the design of food and beverage facilities that require hygienic manufacturing, bulk fluid, powder processing, clean-in-place, sanitization and contamination prevention. Our expertise in process engineering, hygienic piping and process utilities enables us to create flexible, efficient plant designs, a critical component of remaining competitive in a dynamic market.

Water & Waste Water Treatment

Since our inception, Sheppard Engineering has always worked to protect our clients' interests while maintaining environmental stewardship. We have extensive knowledge of water and waste water treatment issues, which enables our clients to comply with process demands, as well as industrial, environmental and municipality standards. We have worked with an array of system technologies from general pH neutralization, demineralization, ozonation, carbon filtration and solids removal, as well as chemical-specific treatment systems for industrial process waste water.